Project & Heavy Lift

BREAKBULK Chartering Division to co-ordinate all phases of Shifting and Related to the Transportation of Materials from Production Centers to Sites where a New Industrial Plant is under Construction. The Shipments are Loading / Unloading through our In-House Team of dedicated Loading Executive to anywhere in the world.

Jan 2017.
Cargo Size : L 31m x W 3.6m x H 3.8m each weight 55 ton
Qty : 16units
Cargo : Autoclave for Precast Concrete factory
Location: From Westport Port Klang to Kulai Johor since

Our scope of work

  1. Custom import entry
  2. Heavy transport pick up direct from vessel hook and subsequently deliver to open yard storage in Port Klang for a period of 9 months
  3. End Sept, we resume our transport operation and cargo handling from open yard to client’s Precast concrete factory in Kulai Johor
  4. Completed by End November 2017.

June 2015.
Cargo : Kiln Suspended Cylinder
Size of cargo : L 5.62 m x W 5.62m x H 3.55m each weight 11tons.

Scope of work

Shipping out from Izmir Turkey factory up to Tapah Site Perak including , heavy haulage to Istanbul port with police escort, custom export entry, Breakbulk loading on containerised vessel, sea transportation from Istanbul to MALAYSIA. Total time taken is 30 days.

This is a ex works shipment from Turkey to Kulai Johor via Port Klang. Shipment are consisting 2 units of ball mill with accessories loaded and safely secure onto flat rack container. Shipment completed in March 2018

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