Yacht & Boat Logistics

Cargo : D’Cruise Boat
Pick up location : Brisbane deep water point
Port of Loading : Brisbane
Port of Discharge : Kota Kinabalu Port Sabah

Dimension : L 58m x W 11m x H 15.55
Gross Weight : 525,000kgs

Scope of work :-

  1. Preparation loading and marine surveyors at Brisbane Port
  2. Purchase of Nylon lashing belt from Singapore and subsequently airfreighted to Brisbane airport for loading used at Brisbane Seaport
  3. Custom export Entry at Brisbane Port
  4. Chartering of heavylift vessel from Brisbane Seaport to Kota Kinabalu Port. Journey take around 12days
  5. Discharging the cruise boat from ship’s hole onto water at Kota Kinabalu Port.
    custom import entry at Kota Kinabalu Port